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PhD theses


  • Huutoniemi, K. 2012. Interdisciplinary accountability in the evaluation of research proposals. Prospects for academic quality control across disciplinary boundaries. Publications of the Department of Social Research 2012:17, University of Helsinki, Helsinki.
  • Lyytimäki, J. 2012. The environment in the headlines: Newspaper coverage of climate change and eutrophication in Finland. Monographs of the Boreal Environment Research 42/2012. Edita Prima Ltd, Helsinki. 72. p. Get the full paper
  • Paloniemi R. 2008. Luonnonsuojelu arjessa. Maanomistajien näkemyksiä ja kokemuksia yksityismaiden tilapäisestä luonnonsuojelusta ja sen uudistumisen prosessista. Environmentalica Fennica: 26. Ph.D. Thesis. [Nature conservation in everyday life. Private landowners’ perceptions of and experiences on temporary nature conservation and its renewing process.] (in Finnish, abstract in English)
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  • Varho, V. 2007. Calm or Storm? Wind power actors’ perceptions of Finnish wind power and its future. Environmentalica Fennica 25. Doctoral thesis, University of Helsinki.
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  • Willamo, R. 2005. Kokonaisvaltainen lähestymistapa ympäristönsuojelutieteessä: sisällön moniulotteisuus ympäristönsuojelijan haasteena. Environmentalica Fennica 23. 374 s. [Comprehensive Approach in Environmental Science and Policy: the Multidimensionality of the Content as a Challenge in Environmental Protection. Academic Dissertation at the University of Helsinki. In Finnish.]
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  • Tapio, P. 2002. The Limits to Traffic Volume Growth: The content and procedure of administrative futures studies on Finnish transport CO2 policy, Acta Futura Fennica 8, Finnish Society for Futures Studies & Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku, 234 p. Doctorate thesis.
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In preparation

  • Aarnio-Linnanvuori, E. Responsibility for the environment in humanistic and social subjects at junior high and high-school.
  • Nygrén, N. Futures thinking in governance of environmental policy - Barriers and opportunities in the knowledge and practice diffusion.
  • Pohjolainen, P. Switching to plant-based diets: Barriers and possibilities.
  • Lauttamäki, V. Past, present and future of ground-source heat market in Finland: Examination on long-term transition of a socio-technical system.


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